Vargas - 04-05.08.22

I come back to you with pictures from Vargas. The last 2 weeks I have been shooting random people a bit less. Therefore, no new post has appeared. Today I present to you some of the best photos from last week in Vargas. Professional windsurfers appeared at the spot those days. Among them, windsurfing legend Björn Dunkerbeck and his son Liam Dunkerbeck. In addition, we could watch the extraordinary skills of one of the best women in wave windsurfing – Sarah-Quita Offringa (welcome back to Gran Canaria). There was also a great coach, Josep Pons from his CS Custom Boards. Moritz Mauch also showed great wave riding skills. Anyway, see for yourself!

The rest of the photos you can find under the Preview Gallery button! Of course, you can contact me for original photos. Cheers!