Pozo Izquierdo 02.07.2019

Windsurfing is an extremely spectacular sport. It is one of those sports where the action is fast and dynamic. The Izquierdo Pozo, where I took these photos, is one of the most important windsurfing spots. PWA championships are held in Pozo Izquierdo every year and many professional windsurfers train here in the summer. This place is famous for extremely strong winds reaching 40-50 knots and perfect waves for high jumps. Many advanced amateurs often windsurf in Pozo Izquierdo. Here you can rent windsurfing equipment at several bases (PozoWinds, LPWS, Cutre). In the village itself you will also find several accepted restaurants and bars. You must visit Pozo Bar – delicious Canarian food, Pozo Pizza – Super pizza, or Aloha Bar where you can taste local products.

Of course, if you are looking for a photographer, I am also at your disposal in Pozo Izquierdo – the European wave capital of windsurfing.