Pozo Izquierdo - 17.06.22

My first photo shooting in Pozo Izquierdo since >>I don’t know<< 3 months?… maybe more. But for sure my first photos of the best windsurfers that I have taken since 2019. It’s amazing what those guys are doing. Most of the photos are PWA competitors such as: Robby Swift, Marcilio Browne, Julian Solomon, Sarah-Quita Offringa, Liam Dunkerbeck, Marino Gil Gherardi, Moritz Mauch, Josep Pons Casasnovas. Also, there are any others riders. 

It was not a big day in Pozo. Just strong wind but still pretty small waves. I’m pretty sure soon this will change and there will be 35-50 knots and such a big Waves… 

If you windsurfed when I shot, ask me if I don’t have any photo of you or if you need a sport photographer, just let me know.