Fuerteventura 2022

Last month I worked for one project on Fuerteventura. It’s one of the eastern island in Canary archipelago. The climate there is harsh as in the desert. You can feel vicinity of Africa. Nights getting super cool and days are warm. Dust is flouting in the air from strong wind gusts. If you are not “Majorero” – name of aborigines and local people from Fuerteventura – better you stay in the tourist area. Ok its joke… In real, there is a heavy weather as I said but definitely you don’t have to have superpower to visit rural places. It is worth to go hiking. Just remember that 80% of Fuerteventura is protected area. Please check before where you can go and where is not allow because of the nesting birds (February – June).

Fuerteventura is full of small villages and tiny towns. They are amazingly cute, full of typical Fuerteventura architecture. The most common color is brown and all its shades. Notwithstanding, you will be able to find beautiful, green ravines (Spanish – barranco) hidden on the desert. Or gorgeous beaches surrounded by huge cliffs. Just take your car and go for it.

Where to go? Villages:
– La Oliva, to feel local ambient
– Tindaya, to see aboriginal place of worship
– Lajares, for amazing surf environment far from ocean (good bars, restaurants)
– El Cotillo, for incredible dinner next to the ocean.
– Majanicho, for surfing in fishermen village
– Coralejo, for night party.

Hiking (remember that, not in all places you can walk all-year-around, in some of them you can but you have to keep silent, and of course take your rubbish back with you):
– Barranco de la Herradura, for climbing next to Puerto del Rosario and excellent Garganta del Diablo,
– Embalse de los Molinos,
– Barranco de los Molinos,
– Barranco de Esquinzo,
– Barranco de las Peñitas, the biggest climbing spot.

For sure there are more places worth to visit, but I didn’t have time to do it.